About Me

Hasan Shaukat

Data Scientist with a broad set of analytical and technical skills in different sectors and roles. Having a progressive 3+ years of industry experience, can work with Software, Consulting, Finance and Public organizations, performing well in competitive environments. Have provided data analytics services to corporate executives, helped ML developers, developed machine learning APIs on the Cloud, deep-dived consumer behavioral data and provided business insights to marketing and management teams.

My Career

Höffner Möbelgesellschaft GmbH

Working on Customer Analytics, Attribution Modelling and Customer Stiching

Nov. 2019
Data Analyst

Mikaels Labs

Worked on Machine Learning based Algorithmic Currency Trading, Natural Language Processing and Chatbot Systems

Oct. 2018
Data Scientist

Innovative Solutions

Worked on a Reinforcement Learning based Chess Engine and Stock Predictions

Feb. 2018
A.I Researcher


Created data models for new projects, documented existing ETL processes and executed routine analytics and reporting

Oct. 2017
Data Scientist


Developed Ice Cream and Chocolate 3D Printing machines and managed startup operations and research

Jan. 2017
Startup Co-Founder

My Skills

My Projects


Developed machine learning backend for automatic chatbot creation and training for users

Reinforcement Learning based Chess Engine

A chess engine which improves it's behaviour by playing with itself.

...   ...

Bank Failure Prediction

Predicting which bank will fail in the coming quarter, based on it's history.

Algorithmic Forex Trading

Predicting price changes from historical data using neural networks and trading currencies using various strategies.

StackOverflow Tags Prediction with linear models

Trained a Bag Of Words model and Tf-Idf model for predicting tags for any question posted on Stackoverflow.

...   ...

Car detection with YOLOv2

Build a YOLO algorithm to detect cars in an input image.

Art Generation with Neural Style Transfer

Mapped a pattern onto an image with a controlled mixing strength using a Convolutional Neural Network.

Face Recognition with Neural Networks

Built a face recognition system for a small group of people in an office, allowing them access to the front door of their office.

...   ...

Named Entities Recognition with LSTMs

Detected named entities in Twitter data using LSTMs

...   ...

Sentence Similarity using Language Models

Detected Sentence Similarity between two sentences using language models and word embeddings.

...   ...

Weather Chatbot

A chatbot which will ask you of a city and will tell the accurate weather of that city.

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